Launch Event

William Cecil, Lord Burghley

Gray’s Inn

Preparations well in hand

Sir Stephen Irwin, addressing guests

Miranda Rock

Dr David Starkey

Dr David Starkey

Sir Mark Rylance and the Marquess of Salisbury

Sir Mark Rylance

Sir Mark Rylance

Dr David Starkey

Dr David Starkey and the Marquess of Salisbury

Sir Mark Rylance and Lady Rose Cecil

Lady Irwin and Dr Jill Husselby

Lady Salisbury and Joanna Johnston

Lord Valentine Cecil and the Earl of Stockton

Charles Sebag Montefiore

Sir John Mummery

Lord Bridges of Headley and Lady Bridges

Evie Duff Gordon and Sir Mark Rylance

Timmy Palmer

Dr Janet Dickinson, Martin Stiles and Professor Karen Hearn

Jamie Joicey-Cecil

Professor Maurice Howard, Professor Karen Hearn, Dr Paula Henderson and Paul Petzoid

David McDonough

Dr Thomas Kielinger and Lady Salisbury

William Oswold, Hubert Cecil

Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms, Janet Grant of Grant and Shana Fleming

Ollie Randall

Robin Harcourt-Williams, Chris Eden, Charlotte Dickerson and Vicki Perry

Hilary Hugh-Jones and Jane Mulvagh

Joanna Johnston

Tony Harking and Sir Stephen and Lady Irwin

Battle of Ideas Event

Battle of Ideas: Schemers or dreamers? The role of political advisors

Battle of ideas

The Marquess of Salisbury and Lord Burghley

Professor Susan Doran and Lord Burghley



Claire Fox and the Marquess of Salisbury

Nick Busvine and Professor Susan Doran

Jill Rutter

Lord Maurice Glasman

The Marquess of Salisbury with Professor Susan Doran